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2007 Workshop: Papers and Presentations

The first Africa Regional Workshop on Public-Private Dialogue was held on the 17th,18th and 19th of April 2007, in Douala, Cameroun. The facilitators and forum staff of seven PPDs sponsored by the IFC in Africa met to share experiences, to network with each other and to plan on implementing the guidelines set forth in the final PPD Handbook (pdf, 3.84mb). This page presents the 2007 workshop papers, case studies and powerpoint presentations as they were handed out by the different participants.


Communication sur le dialogue public-privé au Burkin Fasso (pdf, 415kb)
Gilles Yameogo, Legal and Institutional Development Specialist

Presentation (ppt, 53kb)


Présentation du Cameroum Business Forum (ppt, 583kb)
Christian Ekoka, Consultant, Cameroun Business Forum


Note de Synthèse sur le dialogue public-privé en République Centrafricaine (pdf, 48kb)

Presentation (ppt, 120kb)


Note de présentation du forum de dialogue Etat/Secteur Privé (FODEP) (pdf, 53kb)

Rapport sur l’Etat du Secteur Privé Tchadien et la mise en place d’un forum de dialogue Etate-Secteur Privé(FODEP) au Tchad (pdf, 210kb)


The Public Private Dialogue forum in Ethiopia (pdf, 80kb)
Hagos Aregay, Director, Office of Public-Private Partnerships, Ministry of Trade and Industry


Technical note on the Public Private Dialogue in Liberia (pdf, 340kb)
Mary Agboli and Maria Miller

Presentation (ppt, 3.6mb)


Note on the Sierra Leone Business Forum (pdf, 158 kb)

Presentation (ppt, 397kb)


Public Private Dialogue in Sudan (pdf, 44kb)

Presentation on the Private Sector Forum in Sudan (ppt, 81kb)

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