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2011 Workshop: Papers and Presentations

The 6th international Workshop on Public-Private Dialogue was held on June 13-17, 2011, in Vienna, Austria, in conjunction with the 1st Policies for Investment Global Workshop. 2011 PPD Workshop Photo Album

The 6th PPD Global Workshop “PPD for Competitive Economies” took stock of recent developments in PPD knowledge, discussed specific PPD cases, explored critical PPD related topics, and helped build capacity to effectively manage and monitor a PPD process during the PPD life cycle, from entry to exit. Coming from 20 countries, more than 80 representatives participated. All involved with business forums, investors’ councils, or competitiveness partnerships, and all from both the public and private sectors, and from sponsoring donors (such as IFC, the World Bank, or others). Specific themes that were explored during the workshop were organized along the PPD lifecycle:

1. Designing and managing PPDs, including in post- crisis environments
2. Ensuring effectiveness of PPD secretariats (practical steps and processes)
3. Achieving sector competitiveness through PPD
4. Improving inclusion and governance in PPD platforms
5. Measuring PPD results
6. Transitioning out of PPD

The workshop lasted two days, followed by a two-day investment policy workshop with a fifth optional “Clinic” day offered at the end of the week for participants who desired to get detailed questions answered about their particular PPD initiatives by the PPD Global Product Team in an open clinic format. Below are the papers, case studies and presentations delivered by the presenters. Photos of the workshop participants can be found in the PPD Facebook club
2011 PPD Workshop Photo Album


Keynote address: Public-Private Dialogue for Competitive Economies

Djoomart Otorbaev, Senior Advisor, Investment Climate for Enterprises, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)


PPD for competitive economies: how to use collaboration for inclusive growth

Benjamin Herzberg, Senior Private Sector Development Specialist, PPD Global Product Leader, World Bank Group


A case of sector competitiveness through PPD in Spain: the Agricultural Machinery cluster Lleida, Catalonia

The case of the Agricultural Machinery cluster in Lleida was presented as a successful example of sector competitiveness through PPD. One of the main challenges of this process was to transform a backward industry into a modern sustainable cluster capable of responding to a sophisticated international demand. It was initially led by the Catalan government in 1995, and then followed by the Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Exporters of Catalonia (FEMAC), created in 1998. In order to have a complete insight of the evolution of the dialogue amongst the different agents in Lleida, three representatives of the cluster were invited to present of their role and share their perception of the process.

The Agricultural Machinery cluster in Catalonia: achieving sector-level results through PPD

EnricPedrós, Cluster Manager

Role of the private sector in the agricultural machinery cluster and the PPD’s impact on the balance sheet

Roger Jordi, Export Manager, Agric Bemvig, SA.

Supporting local economic development through PPD policies for the Agribusiness Sector

Jordi Conejos, Former Director General of Industry and Executive VP Catalonia Development Agency (1995-2001).


PPD Action Plans Vs. Reality

Uriel Levy, Consultant, PPD Global Product Team, World Bank Group


Using PPD to Build Competitive Industries: How dialogue drives investment and employment at the sector level

Suhail Kassim, Private Sector Development Specialist, Competitive Industries Unit, World Bank Group

The case of Tajikistan – The Khatlon Region Agriculture Partnership

Abdulgaffor Rahmonov, Deputy Governor of Khatlon Oblast, Khatlon Regional Government, Tajikistan; Sitora Sultanova, PPD Specialist, World Bank Group

Catalonia Sector Development: The case of Cruise tourism competitiveness partnership in Barcelona

Ramon Masia, Member of the Executive Commitee, Turisme de Barcelona

M&E for PPD

The PPD Evaluation Wheel – The case of Liberia

Malcolm Toland, Consultant, PPD Global Product Team, World Bank Group

The PPD Reform Process Table – The case of Vietnam

Uriel Levy, Consultant, PPD Global Product Team, World Bank Group


Supporting PPD in times of change in Bangladesh

Shihab Ansari Azhar, Stakeholder Engagement Analyst, BICF, IFC Bangladesh, PPD Global Product Team


A 5 point checklist for effective PPD transition and sustainability

Uriel Levy, Consultant, PPD Global Product Team, World Bank Group

Transitioning from donor brokerage to domestic stewardship: The case of Cambodia, Laos

Lili Sisombat, PPD Global Program Team, World Bank Group


Exit and sustainability issues of PPDs: Case of the Cambodia Government-Private Sector Forum

Lili Sisombat, PPD Global Program Team, World Bank Group


The Cameroon Business Forum (CBF)

Moise Ekedi Endene, Permanent Secretary of CBF


The Ethiopian Public Private Consultative Forum (EPPCF)

Mamo Mihretu, Operations Officer, IFC, World Bank Group; James Brew, Consultant, PPD Global Product team


Liberia PPD Partnering for Growth

Vaanii O. Baker, Coordinator of the Liberia Better Business Forum


Status of the Private Public Dialogue in Malawi

Mathews Chikankheni, President of Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Chief Executive Officer, Dulux Malawi Limited; and Chancellor Kaferapanjira, Chief Executive Officer, Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry


The Nepal Business Forum

Tanzeem Qayyum, Public-Private Dialogue Task Team Leader in Nepal IFC; James Brew, Consultant, PPD Global Product team


Enhancing Nigerian Advocacy for a Better Business Environment (ENABLE)

Gareth Davies, Acting Programme Manager at ENABLE


The Consultative Council on Improvement of Investment Climate under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan (doc, 155kb)

Zafar Khotamov, Head of the Secretariat of the Consultative Council for Improvement of Investment Climate under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan

TAJIKISTAN Khatlon Region Agricultural PPD

The Consultative Council on the Improvement of Business Environment and Investment Climate under the Chairman of Khatlon Province – First steps (doc, 155kb)

Sitora Sultanova – Public-Private DialogueSpecialist, IFC Tajikistan Business Enabling Environment Project

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